Question & Answers
  1. What is a "Birth Story Video"?
    Your birth story video consists of video footage and photos pieced together to create your story to keep forever. It is a document capturing the moments & emotions of your experience, put together in a story, for you as a keepsake and to share with family and friends (If you wish).
  2. Will you take photos too? Of what?
    Yes! I will take photos of multiple special moments throughout the day to help you remember every moment and how you felt. As well as moments you didn't even know happened, in a creative and artful way.
  3. Is video taken during the whole labor & birth?
    My goal is to capture moments that show the range of emotions through your experience, moments you may not remember and moments you might not see happening. It won't be necessary to document the whole time, however, I'll keep in mind what you want captured and what you prefer to leave out. There are beautiful Birth Story Videos where you don't see the delivery.
  4. What if I'm uncomfortable with the camera?
    Understanding your story and why this is important to you gives me insight on what you're going to be comfortable with. We can discuss things that might make you feel uncomfortable and I'll accommodate so you won't even know I'm there.
  5. Will we meet before the birth?
    Absolutely! Let's get to know each other better, discuss what you are looking forward to, what you might not want, what your birth plan entails and why your birth story is so important to you.
  6. How early should I book Lucky 13?
    Although it may seem like you have a lot of time before you hire a videographer or photographer, it's a good idea to contact me right away to ensure I can add you to my calendar. I have a limited number of bookings every month. Let's not forget, every pregnancy and labor is different. There's always a chance your little one will want to meet you early and we should be prepared!
  7. Do you travel?
    Yes! With proper communication and planning, I'm able to come to you at the hosptial, your home and a birthing center. Having to travel does not limit you when considering capturing your Birth Story.
  8. When does Lucky 13 arrive? Who will be there?
    We will meet ahead of time to discuss your birth plan and continue to be in touch throughout your pregnancy, which will make it easy for me to grab my gear and go. I'll be waiting for your call or text and as soon as you are having the first contraction or heading to the hospital, I'll be on my way.
  9. How long will you stay? What if it's a long labor?
    We all know every pregnancy, labor and delivery are unique and different, which is why you want to capture your Birth Story. As long as we communicate when needed and have an understanding, anything can be worked out. If I need to take a break or stay throughout the delivery, I'll get what we need to tell your story. Typically I capture moments for about 8-10 hours.
  10. What if I go into labor in the middle of the night?
    I'm on call 24/7...I'm here for you. I understand that this might happen with your labor. Stay in touch as things move forward and we'll decide if I should join you right away or when the best time for me to come and begin capturing your memories will be.
  11. Do all birth places allow a camera?
    I'll contact the location you choose to deliver at and discuss their regulations about having a camera in the delivery room. Although certain birth places may have specific guidelines or limitations for the use of a camera during delivery, it doesn't mean we can't capture your Birth Story. Moments and emotions leading up to the delivery and immediately after, will tell your story and allow me to capture moments that you wouldn't have seen during the delivery.
  12. What kinds of births do you document?
    Natural, C-Sections, Water-Births, Home Births, Hospitals, Birthing Centers. There are no limitations when it comes to documenting your birth. Have something else in mind? Let's discuss it!
  13. Will you post the video and photos online?
    If you wish to keep your Birth Story private, I will respect that. This experience is extremely confidential. With your written permission, I'd be happy to share your story online for you to share with family and friends.. If you are open to sharing it online, I would like to share your story on social media sites and possibly add it to the gallery on my website. If privacy is important to you, your story can be password protected.
  14. How will I receive my video & images?
    You will receive a jump drive for you to keep with your Birth Story video, photos and possibly additional mov. files of your delivery. I will also provide a print release for you to print photos with my permission with a printer of your choice.
  15. Will the video and photos be in color or black & white?
    If you have a preference, let me know! To ensure your comfort, I won't be bringing in additional lighting while documenting your Birth Story. In some occasions, lighting might be low or poor, which would result in a black and white video. My professional camera allows me to make adjustments with color and lighting on the fly.
  16. Do you accept a payment plan?
    Your initial payment of 50% of your package price is required at booking to reserve your date and my expected time. Remember, I'm on call for your story. Your payment goes towards me being on call, my time with you during your delivery, edit time, licensed music, edited photos, a jump drive with your edited video and photos, as well as all of the raw footage from your birth story.