My Name is Melissa

I Love to document life!

  • Documenting life since 1999 | Professionally since 2008
  • Videography & Photography
  • Producer for Discovery Channel | Nation travel and coordination
  • Freelance Editor & Producer | MN & WI
  • Communications Degree | UW-Superior
  • Currently serving MN & WI | Bayfield, Douglas, St.Louis and surrounding counties
  • Confidential and Trustworthy
  • Passionate 

  • You only have one chance to capture and document life... don't miss it!

  1. Executive Director
    Jett's Mommy
    Natural Birth
    "When I saw a video of a birth story, I could feel those raw emotions and I knew that it wouldn't even compare to my own experience. It's such a special moment, but it's really hard to remember every little detail. For example, I didn't even remember that I was able to hold my son right after he was born. When I saw my video for the first time of me holding him (time after time after time - watching it a million times)... I felt the exact way I felt when I laid my eyes on him for the first time and that was the best feeling in the entire world. It's like I get to experience the best day of my life over and over. Pictures are great, but they don't do justice!" - St.Luke's Hospital | Duluth, MN
  2. Executive Director
    Camden's Mommy
    "I liked the idea of having a birth video created because I knew I'd be comfortable! It's such a special time you usually forget the small details of it all." "I can't watch these videos enough! They are seriously the most important things I own! I would suggest everyone having a videographer and/or photographer when you have a baby! - Memorial Medical Center | Ashland, WI