Video Speaks Louder Than Words
My Name Is Melissa and I'm a professional videographer & photographer.  I'm passionate about documenting life... especially NEW life.  Capturing the raw emotions and intense moments when a baby enters the world is priceless.

Why Do I Create Birth Stories?  I love to make people feel... it means I've done my job!  Experiencing the journey with my clients, witnessing the joy and the tears I bring to their famiIy with their documented birth story, is the most rewarding!  

What I Do and How I Do It?   I document the moments leading up to the first time your eyes meet with your new baby... the nerves... the excitement... the happiness... the tears and the immediate unconditional love... in a tasteful and modest way.  The moment a sibling becomes a big brother or sister.... a mom becomes a grandma... or the little moments in between are so important.   I make it comfortable for you by discussing what you would like to be documented and what you would like to keep private.... It's YOUR birth story, it can be done however you wish.  Capturing in video is my main goal, but I'll capture photos too.  That's right - Both!

Your options are endless!  

Home Births | Caesarean Sections | Birth Centers | Water Births | Hospitals | Natural Births | Adoption
At the time of it all or in the first 48 hours after the birth - It's your choice... It's your story!

Other Video Options...
Maternity/Expectant Familiy | First Moments | Lifestyle | Sibling | Milestones | Extended Family

Let me speak with you "Mom-To-Mom"...

Been There - Done That!  The doctor appointments, the aches, the pains, the cravings, the emotions, the tears.... all while anxiously waiting for this perfect little person to join your life...   A long labor, a quick delivery, pain meds, no pain meds, & more tears... I've experienced it too, which makes it easy for me to make it comfortable for you!  It's a long process and it's not an easy one, but you'd do it all over again for this little miracle you are about to meet, right?!  You've waited all this time and gone through so much, why not capture the grand finale of it all?  Capture the experience and all the emotions that go along with it, to reflect on, and remember for a lifetime.

Some would argue your wedding day is the "best day of your life", and though it may be true... this is another day that you will capture yourself saying, "This is the best day of my life".  Your story is unique and one of a kind, filled with moments that pass very quickly. There are things happening that you won't see...the first time your baby's eyes meet with their father's, the visitors anxiously waiting in the hall, or things you may not even remember... and I can be there to capture it all.  I'll be making it possible for you to see, treasure and share those moments for a lifetime and for generations to come.

What I Wish For You...  
I wish for you to see the importance of a birth story and what makes it so special for you, your new baby and your family. 

I wish for you to realize how much happens on this special day and how much you will unfortunately & undoubtably miss or forget.

I hope you will think about the Grandma & Grandpa that are there to welcome their new grandbaby into the world, but might not be there forever.  I hope you are always around, to tell your child about the day they were brought into this world, the joy you felt when you saw them for the first time, how blessed you felt and your unique story that you only share with them.

I hope you are able to share this birth story with them when they are 18 so they can laugh at the nurse's hair style (not yours of course), the clothing everyone wore, the old shows on tv and what the atmosphere was like when they were brought into this world... "back in the day".  

I wish you could have this experience and then decide you would like to have your birth story documented, but you can't.  
I wish you knew how many times I've heard mom's say, "I wish I would've had a birth story video!" or "Where were you when I was having my baby?!  I would've loved this!"

I hope you realize what a small investment this is, for your new, greatest possession.  

Begin your album with hundreds of pictures, selfies and videos the right way... with your Birth Story documented by Lucky 13..